Very strange data usage in reporting




Starting to monitor my 4G mobile boardband data usage very closely. Mainly when it is being used and what amount. Currently using a Huawei B593.


What I do not understand is usage being reported while I am at work? Zero devices are powered on, plus checking network status on the router my wifi has not been comprimsed. Also wifi password is very strong. Here is an example;



16:27PM GPRS Data Usage 200004kbs
04:27AM GPRS Data Usage 8999kbs



17:32PM GPRS Data Usage 300004kbs
05:32AM GPRS Data Usage 22867kbs


16:22PM GPRS Data Usage 300004kbs
04:22AM GPRS Data Usage 35674kbs


I leave for work at 7:30am and do not get home until 6:00pm. When I wake up might check email and facebook on my phone linked to the routers wifi. Which is really pretty small amount of data. There is no chance I am using 100s of MB during this period.


Some not quite right is happening


Going to continue to monitor my usage very closely.




Re: Very strange data usage in reporting


Looks like someone's on your WiFi! Lol


Re: Very strange data usage in reporting


Hi Slc,


Looking at the information that you have provided I am going to try and explain it in a way that to me seems quite logical:



Your data seems to be reported in 12 hours periods from this I assume the following 

  • The time reported is actually the time the reporting period started and not the end period which leads the below statements to be true
    > Data use during the time periods that start in the AM data usage is minimal (akin to checking a few emails and a small amount of facebook
    > Data use during the periods that start in the PM is significantly higher (akin to several hours of email/facebook/internet browsing)


Essentially this means that there is nothing actually wrong except for the way that the data is being reported is quite confusing.


28/10/15 4:27AM - 4:27PM - GPRS Data Usage - 8,999Kbytes (8.78MBytes)

28/10/15 4:27PM - 29/10/15 4:27AM - GPRS Data Usage - 200,004Kbytes(192.31MBytes)

The end time for the above AM is assumed due to the data reporting for the 29th is not provided in your post and I am assuming 12 reporting periods



27/10/15 05:32AM - 5:32PM - GPRS Data Usage 22867KBytes (22.31MBytes)

27/10/15 5:32PM - 28/10/15 4:27AM - GPRS Data Usage 300004KBytes (292.97MBytes)


26/10/15 04:22AM - 4:22PM - GPRS Data Usage 35674KBytes(34.83MBytes)
26/10/15 4:22PM - 27/10/15 5:32AM - GPRS Data Usage 300004KBytes(292.97MBytes)



I hope that this clarifies things a bit for you






Re: Very strange data usage in reporting

[ Edited ]

No, wifi has not been compromised.

The statement "The time reported is actually the time the reporting period started and not the end period.."

Thank you this is very helpful. Why could no one at Optus support tell this to me. I will take this into consideration when looking at the data usage.



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