Very poor adsl. Unusable



my apartment again struggles without internet, its in but not enough to allow any kid to play a game online on their consoles.

i keep struggling to get on optus live chat for help but i also call out of business hours.

if i do get through, it keeps disconnecting and i just get frustrated and give up.

i bought kids an xbox as i was advised the playstation games online were the issue. Too much upload.

things seemed to improve. If i had a problem i would call up and assistant at optus did something about resetting speed and everything would be ok. I just cant afford 50 minutes on the phobe each time and i say that with sincerity. Its very frustrating but im very time poor. I cant get through on live chat, how else can optus help me please. Im absolutely desperate to stop having disappointed teenagers unable to use internet. In fairness i pay fir it but i certainly have no idea how to fix it. 

Modem has been resett. Turned off for 10 minutes. 



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If they are constantly asking you to restart the modem and the problem keeps happening then the next obvious question is what are they going to do now.

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I am wondering if anybody esle has any answers

Since connecting to NBN 12 months ago I have suffered internet outages every day. Despite having unlimited data and a Tier 3 speed/boost pack linked to my account to get more speed my internet is progressively getting slower and slower. I have followed the troubleshooting guide which I find myself doing several times per week. This does not improve the situation.


We are currently unable to stream Netflix as it constantly buffers and freezes.


I did several internet speed tests last week which on average was 25 pings, 20.46 mbps download and 24.08 mbps uploads

Today the best I have been able to achieve is 142 pings, 6.06 mbps download and 10.69 mbps uploads    

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As you pionted out you are paying good money for a crap connection and I completely understand where you are coming from. I wasnt being flippant with my response I was simply saying ask support what they are going to do now as restarting the modem is not a fix and they are simply deflecting the issue by getting you to restart the modem.



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it seems you too have an issue with overpopulation on the node. Or there is an issue with your line being on adsl. My suggestion would be to ask optus to investigate to see if there is any line faults if there isn't it could be a modem issue (they don't last forever). If these two things are clear of faults than it's a hardware issue on optus's end. Which could result in a very long wait. If it can't be resolved immediately. I strongly suggest contacting the TIO with your case. the TIO will contact an optus representative and if the problem can't be resolved optus may offer you a discount on your bill

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Hi. Weve had many chats in the past, myself and optus, im told first issue was playstation and its online games accumulating too much upload. Thats why we got rid of that. A couple of times after that i was told speed was resett from their end and it seemed to fix it. 

The other times i gave up, for some reason, i just cant et through live chat well and i dont have an hour spare to wait on phone. But i follow advice and resett modem daily.

i havent been offered another solution. 

Last night the kids had almost no onternet. About 11:30 pm they got it back. 

I use so many extra data due to these issues but the only fix seems to be 1 hour online support but i have triuble getting on. 

I just need consistent internet , id like to stay with optus but i need their support to fix it. 

For me extra $20 on data is frustrating but for kids its the nights they cant use internet.

for more girlfriend she cant cast netflix

its getting desperate

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Thankyou ill certainly look into that

just need a way to do that out of business hours


ill check if email ok

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Thanks for the reply


I don't believe it is a modem issue. I received a new modem from Optus in Feb-2017 when I signed up for NBN and another from Optus in Aug-2017 when the NBN crashed for 3 weeks.


I never had a problem with the internet prior to NBN, however, since this wonderful upgrade, it crashes multiple times daily.


I conducted another speed test last night. My download speed was 8.06 and my upload speed was 10.18. With my Tier 3 speed pack I am guaranteed between 50-90 mbps. If only. I have received a discount on the cost of my Tier 3 speed pack for 2 months whilst Optus investigates the matter. However, the current speed does not reach the level of the basic NBN level.



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