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New Contributor StevieJ
New Contributor

Very Low NBN Speeds

Was switched over from Optus Cable to Optus NBN on 4th February and have had terrible line speeds since then (often below 5Mbps and sometimes less than 1 Mbps), even thogh I am on a plan which promised much higher speeds. I had a good service on Optus cable, now it is worse than the cheap dial-upo I had in the 1990s. I have spoken to Optus technical support, and it was a little faster for 24 hours afterwards, then it dropped back to where it started. Can anyone explain why? 

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Very Low NBN Speeds

Optus (and the NBN) are legally required to hit close to promised / paid for speeds. 


First thing is to ask Optus to run a line speed test from their end to see the speeds possible. If they say its running a lot under what you are paying for then they need to get NBNCo to fix it.


Minimum legal NBN speed is 12 Mbps. But if you're on a 50Mbps plan for example then than needs to be provided (legally). 


I take it you are on FTTN 


Peter Gillespie 

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