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Technically speaking, yes you "might" be able isolate the computer from electrical surges due to storms using wireless but you still have your computer plugged up to the mains...Smiley Happy. So unless you have a circuit breaker with overload protection you can still get zapped...Smiley Happy





Re: Upload speed terrible


I think the power companies put a lot more effort into suppressing voltage surges, or whole neighourhoods would get all their TVs and computers fried every few years.


Phone lines in rural areas are the worst, because they expose you to 6km of risk. Cable should be better, due to being distributed from a local node.

Re: Upload speed terrible


I have the same issue with upload speed.  I had three technican here in the last 6 weeks trying to fix it. One of them finally admitted that the network is at fault.  Today, tech support still think there is not a problem.  It is 1:44 am and I am trying to upload 2 Excel files total less than 1 Mb total!! I am the sucker who pays $89.95/month for cable broadband.  Today, I wanted Optus to transfer me to mobile broad band but they say I will have to pay for the $199 modem plus $90/month and I also loose my landline calls. 

Speed test showing I have intermittent 0.17Mb upload.

Looks like I will be looking for different mobile broadband provider as NBN will not be here until another year. 


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Thankfully my issues cleared up. Initially the tech support and a visiting technician said there was nothing wrong with the line, modem etc, and that the problem must be to do with my computer. So I was suffering terribly slow upload and download speeds, and it was driving me crazy. However, after a few weeks the network speed magically increased so that I now have consistent downloads at 20 - 30 mps and uploads at about 1.5 mps which is more than adequate for my needs. So something changed and presumably it had nothing to do with my computer. Very mysterious.


On a related matter, I received a phone call a few days ago saying that NBN was now available in my area and that I should change over to it. But the speeds and data offered appear to be more than expensive than what I’m (now) getting with OPTUS. Will have to decide what to do soon, I guess.


Maybe yours will magically improve too???!!!

Re: Upload speed terrible


Sounds like NBN has taken away the congestion in your area, so now they will force you onto a congested NBN. Only joking, it won't be that congested.

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I have a 100 mbps plan and the upload speed is barely 1mbps - what a joke.  Shame on you optus


Re: Upload speed terrible


Hi @Chris2fer, sorry to hear about your internet upload speed issue. Can you confirm which connection type (NBN or Cable) you have with us?

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