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"Why are Upload Speeds so slow?"

Back in 2005, I might have attempted to understand the argument "To help prevent people from sharing files" or "The technology isn't capable" But neither of these really hold up anymore. And, today there is much more application to upload speeds then "sharing files". People don't seem to have a problem finding ways to share files even with crappy upload speeds.

I'm coming from a situation where Upload Speed is critical to productivity. I am a university student who works frequently off campus on my workstation at home, and am constantly sending large files to and from the renderfarm at Campus.

However, the process of saving and transferring my files back to Uni takes forever. In fact, in some instances render jobs complete faster then it takes for me to submit the main project binary file to the server!

So much time has been wasted having to submit, and resubmit project files due to errors or mistakes costing me so much time.

The fact that my "Optus Cable Premium Speed" only has an upload speed of 2mbps, when my 4g phone has one of 20-30mbps is a huge laugh. It would save time for me to put the files on my phone, go outside and walk up the street and send the job where I have good reception on my phone, walk back and it would have completed faster then it would have from my home broadband that I pay over $120/mo for!

It's a laugh! I wish I could get some reasonable answers, as I know the NBN doesn't have upload speeds as a priority in any way and won't be around in my address any time in the next several years. I may be better off moving out of Australia for when I want to do real work in my field... Smiley Sad


While my case may be not very common, there are far more applications to upload speed than torrenting. Such as Cloud Computing, Dropbox, Streaming in HD, etc.. etc. etc... to name a few.

I'm sure people don't enjoy waiting several hours to upload photos and videos from a day with friends when they should only be able to do it in minutes...

I can't believe people don't really discuss this to the level they should!
Screw download speeds. I'm happy with 50mbps. I'd be happy with 20mbps. It's the 1-2mbps upload that I can't stand!

If I had 20/5 for the price im paying ($120) i would be happy. It would cut the time I waste on uploading work to Uni clean in the middle.

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Totally understand where you're coming from, however to the majority of our customers download speed is still the most important factor. Increasing everyone's upload speed would put additional load on the network.


Yes, generally speaking you can get faster uploads on 4G, however don't forget data is charged a premium rate in comparison to a home broadband service. Some of our business plans offer higher upload speeds for folks that need it, but are more expensive than the consumer product as well.


NBN offers different tiers with higher uploads, have you checked to see when the roll out will be complete in your area?

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"Increasing everyone's upload speed would put additional load on the network."

It could be an optional plan, like the premium speed pack to boost upload speeds. Not everyone may need great upload speeds, just like not everyone needs 100mbit download speeds, which I'm sure also stresses the network. But you'd probably be surprised how many people would be much happier with faster upload speeds if they had any sort of online dropbox, onedrive, googledrive service. If it were available at a reasonable price like the super fast 100mbit download speed plans are. If it was offered I'm sure there'd be a great deal of people who would (like they did with the premium speed packs) opt for it.

In australia there is a boom in content creators on places like YouTube who constantly upload videos week-by-week. Blunty3000 is an example, communitychannel is another. These people get their primary income through YouTube as a sponsered partner. If these people could upload their videos two times, or even three times as fast I'm sure they'd be instant subscribers to the "Premium Upload" package or plan. 

As a country we are constantly ranking lower and lower on the global average for upload speeds with other countries.,18/Australia/ We are less than half the world average, placed at 98th. How pathetic is that?

Recently my dropbox pro subscription was upgraded from 100gb to 1tb. I would have been much happier but to upload all my documents and files (which would fit nicely) would probably take weeks. Making it worthless for me. 


Anywho, I have indeed checked the NBN and my area (blackburn) has no planned installations as of yet meaning it will be many years out as far as I'm aware.

I wish this could be an issue pushed to the higher ups. But I guess "upload speeds" are harder to sell since figures like 5mbps is far smaller then download speeds of 100mbps and marketing is all about numbers. Thats why everyone (incl. nbn) just talks about downloads. But both are very important. 

It's just a really sad state our country is in technology wise. All major ISP's lack motivation to take any initative on this front and the government has all but given up on improving our infrastructure the way it should have. 

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Thanks again for your feedback - we'll certainly ensure that this is passed on. I can also confirm that our Senior Leadership Team do regularly review our Social Media sites & the community to see what our customers are saying, so it definitely does get seen.

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I give support to this (don't cut my internet: P), and would suggest many thousands of Optus HFC cable customers would appreciate this be looked at. This is 2014, Youtube, Google drive, OneDrive etc with a whole host of cloud based services have become a lot more popular. I wonder if the current set speed is simply a legacy decision and has never been seriously reviewed.

With respect NBN has become a bit of a joke and I am not holding my breath, not sure anyone would want to move from Optus cable to NBN VDSL, and it appears many of the cable areas will be serviced LAST by NBN anyway. There is a suggestion where NBN uses the HFC network they may offer higher upload speeds, not sure how correct that is, but that would be ironic!.

I am not overly convinced doubling the base upload speed would put a significant strain on the Optus Network, it has undergone a number of upgrades since the upload speed was set and it’s certainly way below the theoretical upload speed of DOCSIS3 even with just one upload channel.

If this costs Optus very little seems like a easy PR win to me.



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I'm certainly in need of faster upload speeds.

I live on Google Apps, regularly photo and video stuff.

All of which need cloud backup and interactivity.


I have 100Mbps download and only about 1.5Mbps upload! (Cable)


Surely you could hand out 10Mbps without too great a hit on the download speed.


Could you make it a configurable option?

I would happily half my download speed for 10Mbps upload.



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Okay so, it seems iiNet now offers 8mbps upload speeds on their HFC cable plans. But they are not available where I live. So it is no longer a "technology isn't capable" argument anymore, but rather a "Optus doesn't care" one. Because they don't. They've settled with a bare-minimum service that "just" cuts it, with an upload speed that was probably determined back in 2006 and never changed. I doubt in the next 7-8 years Optus will take a look at this, and it will be up to other ISP's such as iiNet who care about their customers and the service they provide to take such initiative. 

I've all but given up with ISP's, but they hold a lot of power because "There just is no alternative" At least, where I live where it's either Optus or Telstra. And they both suck for reasons like this.

These days Im not proud of the fact that I'm an Australian, because many of us just settle for average and put up with it. We are just a run of the mill country placing ever so lower in the books and ranks in regards to internet, technology and infrastructure. 

It would be great if this issue actually received any sort of attention, but it probably won't.

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I'd love to get NBN. My address isn't even on the map though, even though I'm 5km from the CBD. I'm in a cable area so I guess that means that cable is the best I can ever hope for in my life time. So unless the upload limits are removed by Optus on the cable, I don't see what my option is.


I need upload speeds too for online storage and remote work. I don't actually download much other than tv shows on itunes. I am looking at some streaming services coming though. I don't do any peer to peer file sharing. I don't lmay online games. The download speeds don't really interest me. Upload speeds to. I set up online backups last year, and it actually took me 9 months to upload the data, partially due to speed, partially due to quota monitoring...


The current docsis 3.0 cable network is capable of 30Mbps. New docsis standards are capable of way more than that. but we are deliberately stuck with 2Mbps (if you are really lucky).


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You have a very valid argument for today. Being a student, or an IT professional argument holds very true.


I am struggling for months now to get a fixed NBN connectivity done. NBN gave me 2 appointments already, where the technician never showed up at the first. I'm waiting for the second to arrive. Let's see how it goes. I'm quite angry with NBN. Anyways Optus 50GB 4G mobile broadband (no contract) was a viable temporary solution to the matter.


I initially got ~55Mbps UP / ~50Mbps DOWN speeds on this 4G connection. I used a Huawei E3372 dongle (which supports HiLink). I was very happy. However the UP speeds went down to ~5Mbps few days ago and it stays there now. :-( Not quite happy now with Optus because my IT work got slowed down by around 5 times. Not a good experience. They surely throttled down the up speed. Why? This just sucks. I'm definitely moving to another provider next month.


I sincerely believe Optus (or any other broadband - either mobile / fixed) should cater for this matter. That'll surely help compete with the current global socio-economic growth. This  cannot be achived without bringing up competition.


Coming from Singapore, where I have had 1Gbps fixed home broadband over fibre for SG $45 per month from MyRepublic, I can comfortably state that Australia lags far behind Singapore. In Australia, the mindset of politicians and people in high ranks in industry are lobbied by few monopolies, which has caused sorrows for the community. Monopolies just get fatter and fatter.


I wish smaller companies providing better options for consumers, bringing up competition. This way monopolies will no longer be there.


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