Up to 48 hour delay in data usage showing on app outrageous!


I recently complained about going over my data limit and being charged when my app said I was still under my limit.


The long winded response claims that the app can be 48 hours behind your actual usage!!! This is absolutely outrageous!!!


You obviously know, to the second, my accounts data usage or the charges would not have been made, so why not keep the app up to date?


In my view this is just a dirty way to get us to use more data than we think we have, so you can charge us more! If the app can be that behind, what use is it??


Either update the app so it can show up to date information (an hour behind is acceptable) or delete it!


This is one of those dirty tricks that the Ombudsman hears about all the time, and I'm inclined to add my voice to the chorus!


Fix it!


Craig Pickering

Re: Up to 48 hour delay in data usage showing on app outrageous!


I would like to see a plausible explanation.


One I can think of myself, is that it's similar to what Bigpond does, because they have unmetered data. They often took 8 hours to work out whether data was free or not.


The web page is 14-20 hours behind, if you know how to get into your account without it crashing.


I think they can do better, but they are busy fixing all the other mess.



Re: Up to 48 hour delay in data usage showing on app outrageous!


Really sorry to hear that this has been your experience @craigp3cs. Yes it is correct that  the App can take around 48 hours to update. This is because first the usage is updated on your billing account and then only it is added to the app.

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