Unusable Cable Broadband




I live in the Newport area (NSW 2106) and for months have experienced very slow internet speeds.  But today has been the slowest it has ever been at sub 10 Mbps!  I pay $115 for a telephone and Cable bundle + Speed Pack!

Last Friday I logged a call to complain and an engineer came out on the Saturday and replaced my Cable Modem with a new v2 model and also checked the line.  After doing this the optus speed test showed that I was getting about 65 Mbps although suggested it was more like 25 Mbps.


I have logged yet another call and went through the usual routine of reboot the modem, wait a few minutes, test again.  Still slow, so factory reset the modem, turn off wifi, use an ethernet connected port to the modem.  End result still no difference a pathetic 9.23 Mbps!


The engineer did credit me $15 which was a gesture but still does not resolve my issue!  I will check the Internet again in the morning and if this is still the same sub standard speed will be logging another call!   


Come on Optus sort this out!


Re: Unusable Cable Broadband

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Hey there @jreeman - Not good to hear about the speed drop Smiley Sad Did you have a ref # there I could take a look at? 

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