Unsteady and slow internet


I've been experiencing extremely slow and unsteady internet for these few days (drop out every 5minutes).  But what's more irritating is that I chatted with 3 of your online staff today, before I started I made myself very clear that my internet is very unstable and I left my contact and I begged them could they please contact me for follow-up if I disconnect or so. They promised me they will do so but unfortunately and sadly when I disconnected, none of them have responded. Wouldn't they feel weird just doing all the tests half way through? 

I feel very very disappointed because this is ridiculous, with a big company like optus, having this uncaring customer team is totally unacceptable. I spent the whole afternoon (6hours) for nothing, not mentioning the no-one-answering hotline.

I sincerely hope that optus will seriously address my problem as I think this happens to many people out there.

And now I can enjoy my flashing internet for another week 


Re: Unsteady and slow internet


Same issue here, firmly believe they dont care have tried to contact them for a solution for the last week. 

Re: Unsteady and slow internet


Hi @Rev9, I'm sorry that you haven't received the follow up as promised by our agents. Did you happen to have the fault reference number handy? We can definitely take a look at this one from our end. If they haven't generated a fault reference number for you, feel free to send us a PM. We'll need your full name, DOB and account number. We'll run through the account notes and confirm what trouble shooting has already been performed and what further action needs to be taken. 


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