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New Contributor

Unpleasant Cable Installation

On the 14 of March I ordered the $80 cable unlimited data cable plan with speed boost. Get an email the next day with an install date of March thr 22nd. I was fairly pleased up until this point. The 22nd comes around and I wait the time slot of 7.30-12pm. Passes 5PM and the technitian is a no-show. I hadn't recieved a call or nothing from them or Optus. Chat with online support and resecdule the date for Monday the 26th. I was pretty fustrated at this point  but in need of better internet decieded to stick through it. Today I get a voice mail from Optus saying the install date has been moved to the 3rd of April without any explanation why. At this point in time I do not with to go through with the plan and just cancel my order outright. My order number is 65547355Thanks for reading. -Zak

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Trusted Contributor

Re: Unpleasant Cable Installation

You are dealing with NBN technicians. When you move to another supplier, the same dudes will let you down, but the RSP will be more communicative about it.

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Honoured Contributor

Re: Unpleasant Cable Installation

I agree. That the technician doesn't show up is beyond OPtus control. But everything else is (like ringing to confirm it all when smoothly)




Peter Gillespie