Unplayable gaming on 30mb internet package



In the more recent months ive been playing games (as i always have) but ive been getting lag spikes that stay at a high ping 300+ some even go over 1000+ and the servers i play on are melbounre and sydney based (seeing i live in Vermont, Melbourne)

Im just trying to figure out why im getting this lag, before i never did and had a consistant connection but it has stopped.

i use a wifi card + a powerline adapter to connect my computer to the internet but that doesnt seem to change amything.

if anyone cound help with my issue it would be much appricitated.



Re: Unplayable gaming on 30mb internet package


Powerline adapters are known to introduce significant problems, try removing that with a longer ethernet cable to TEST and see if the problem continues. If it does, then it's likely your connection.


What kind of Optus connection is it? DSL, Cable or NBN?

What modem?

Can you post a "traceroute" to the server you are playing on? (for windows its 'tracert' (or replace the name with the IP of the server).

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