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New Contributor bendorn
New Contributor

Uniden CCTV Connectivity

Hello.  I have a Uniden GDVR 8A wired CCTV system which I'm having difficulty connecting to my mobile app.

I can view it on the main monitor and send a test email however it tells me I'm not connected to the network.

I've tried every combination of user name and password for my Optus account but I think it wants something different for the PPPOE.  What should my User Name and Password be for connecting to the network???


Everytime I log into Uniden's Guardian Live App, it comes up with a "Fail to connect to server" error.


Driving me mental!





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RetiredModerator Nghi

Re: Uniden CCTV Connectivity

Hey bendorn, how is the CCTV system connecting to the modem? It it wireless or Ethernet? Does the system send you status updates via email? You may need to do some port forwarding on the modem to allow you to remote into the CCTV system. You'd need to contact hardware supplier with help with this. Can you send/receive emails ok on computer?

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New Contributor MarkBarnes
New Contributor

Re: Uniden CCTV Connectivity

Hi we have a uniden GSHC 5000 - Deluxe Kit and use the GuardianHome app on on our phones. 

One connected to the Optus Network Galaxy S5 and same phone connected to the Vodaphone network locvated in Brisbane Queensland.

Both phone can connect on wifi at home and the Vodaphone nconnected phone has no issues.

Optus connected phone is unable to coneect to the guardian security system unless I thether to my Vodaphone connected device.


I have taken the device to the optus support in Brisbane City and they have been unable to rectify but tried and connected onece tethered to another phone assuming not on Optus network?


Application have been checked for version and similar on both phones. 


Bothe connected fine when my home broadband was conneced to ADSL but now on Fiber to node internet with new modem at home and no longer able to connect an optus guardian application when away from home?




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New Contributor sharoon
New Contributor

Re: Uniden CCTV Connectivity

The connection difficulty between HD security camera and mobile app is a common problem.


You have to remember 4 things:

IP Address

Port Number



Use IP address as static and Port Number 80.

Port Number 80 is used for outside device connection like Mobile Phones.

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