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We are building a new house and the builder installed an underground conduit to suit Telstra services with a 19mm conduit. They thought 19mm conduit meets Optus requirements as well. 


We are a long term Optus customer who want to continue with Optus.  When I called Optus, I was told that we need to organise a technician to install a underground 32mm conduit separately to suit the Optus specs.  


I called up few electricians in our area without success. I called Optus multiple times. They put me on hold  for 30 minutes  each time and come back to say check in yellows pages. I am almost on the verge of moving to Telstra and use the exisiting installation. 


 Do you know where can I get the list of  licensed technicians to install underground conduit with Optus spec in Sourheastern suburbs of Melbourne. 

Thanks in advance. 

Re: Underground service


Hey Newconn, you can find information plus the specifications required for any underground conduit here. I would recommend having a chat with our Sales guys to confirm that Optus Cable is available to be connected at your premises before you commit to putting in a new conduit. We can't offer any advice on which local contractors to do that work.

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