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Unbearably Slow Internet - WIFI & Ethernet


I've had to put my question here because first of all, The Optus live chat simply does not work whatever you do, even during work hours and secondly, calling up Optus will only result in a technician over the phone telling you there is nothing that can be done or that the problem is 'normal'.


Anyways we recently moved to a new place and ever since we installed the F@ST Sagemcom modem, the internet has been unbearably slow with maximum speeds of around 1.5MBPS at most times, and if two people are on youtube or streaming at the same time there are SIGNIFICANT delays. It is understandable that there would be delays during peak times and if a lot of people are streaming and what not but this is beyond your normal delays. We experience major dropouts and major delays. It also seems like we're not the only ones experiencing issues with the F@ST Sagemcom modem. You pay good money expecting a good service from one of the MAJOR telco providers, who claim to have the no.1 speed and so forth. 


If there's anything that's suggested or recommended please let me know?!?!?! 🙂 

Thank you! 

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Re: Unbearably Slow Internet - WIFI & Ethernet

Further troubleshooting would be required to identify if the issue is with your modem, or the line into your property. Modems are pretty bulletproof so it's unlikely to be faulty, but if the WiFi isn't strong enough for your home, I would recommend using WiFi Extenders. They're available from most electronic stores and we use them in my house with no issues.


To further troubleshoot your connection, are you able to run speed tests via Ethernet to compare?


The drop outs are concerning though, do the lights on your modem change when this happens? What network is your new property on (ADSL, HFC, NBN etc)?


There's some handy guides available here → Troubleshooting Index. These will give you some tests to run through to provide further insight into the cause of your slow speeds.

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