Re: Unable to ping my static IP address


Using the VPN Server package on Synology.  


I appreciate your help and know you don't work for Optus, but do you have any suggestions on how to move forward on this?  Nobody at Optus technical support has any idea.  


Has anyone else reading this successfully set up a VPN through an Optus IP address?




Re: Unable to ping my static IP address


Issue resolved.  


Turns out Optus obviously block certain ports.  I used nmap to test certain ports.  The results were very different to what I had set on my router.  Ports UDP 4500, 500, 1701 were all closed, despite been open on my router.  Port UDP 1194 however was open, (despite been closed on my end).  I installed OpenVPN which uses port 1194.  Initially it didn't work, but after I opened that port on my router, it went straight in.  Open VPN is not my preffered method to use, but I will accept it since it is the only one that works.  


Thanks for the help. 

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