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New Contributor

Unable to connect to multiple sites (e.g. NAB, ABC, SBS)...

Just thought I'd put this up to the community, to share the pitiful experience I have just had with Optus Cable support.


At some point, yesterday, I was suddenly unable to connect to the NAB banking Web site. After testing I discovered that not only was I not able to connect in any Web browser from any of the devices on my network, I was also unable to tracert or ping the site. I tried all the usual stuff, restarting my router and firewall. Testing access from other networks (4G and other people's homes and other networks I administer) to discover that it appeared to be just my connection that was failing to route to the NAB. After digging around a bit I discovered that the problem extended to multiple Web sites, all of whom were hosted in various parts of the Akamai network. this included the ABC (iView) and SBS, Web and On Demand.


So, I contacted Optus support. After explaining and, eventually arguing, with the support representative, they talked to their network infrastructure team, who aparently said, they were able to get to the Web sites without any issues. After reiterating that the issue was most likely an upstream routing failure, between my entry point onto the Optus network and the Akamai network, they said that I should take the issue up with Akamai and that the problem had nothing to do with Optus. I won't bore you all with the sh!t-fight that has ensued, with the support team, since. Safe to say I am expecting to take matters up further with the TIO.


Essentially, Optus have been both unprofessional and downright dismissive, if not negligent, in their duty to provide an adequate support an escalation system, to handle such issues as these.


As the saying goes... "Not. Happy. Jan!"

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Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Re: Unable to connect to multiple sites (e.g. NAB, ABC, SBS)...

As you suggested in my post, that was probably stuck in the mix with this DNS outage. I was pretty sure with my own testing that it was the Optus Cable config/DNS. Thanks so much for your excellent detective work and for fighting the good fight for the rest of us. I know from experience that dealing with tech support at Optus is frustrating as I don't know that they really understand the tech sometimes, and just follow troubleshooting procedures.