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I would just like to know is it possible to unlock a Optus wifi 4G modem E5773? I would like to buy one that is new that someone is selling on Ebay and would like to use it with another service and would like to unlock it since it has never been used is it possible and how can it be done?

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Crowd Champion Davelew
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There are numerous sites which offer to unlock these devizes but there is never an guarantee they will work.   The obvious place to get it unlocked would be Optus but if it is brand new it was mostly bought with a contact and Optus will require the cost of the device before unlocking.  This will need to be requested by the person whose name is on  the contract.


With the deals being offered nowadays for mobile broadband with offers of modems for around $5 per mnth or in some cases included I would be inclined to go down this route.  These deals also mean is something goes wrong with the modem you will get it replaced.


If you are looking for prepaid most providers offer mobile broadband modems, locked to their network, for cheapish prices with similar specs to the E5773 . i.e, Telstra $49.




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