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New Contributor ctydens
New Contributor

ULL Identifier

Hi all, all I want to do is find my ULL ID for the NBN. I can't get on to live chat (tried Safari, Firefox and Chrome, mac and PC), can't speak to anyone on the phone and Facebook messenger won't respond. Would prefer to avoid shopping centres just to get to a store. Any suggestions??


I think it may be easier to draw blood out of a stone. 


Thanks for your time people. 

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Moderator Kartika

Re: ULL Identifier

Hey @ctydens, sorry for the late reply. Can you give us more details as to what you mean by ULL ID For NBN. As ULL is referred to the old copper network and once NBN takes over they do not use that instead they use location address called LOC ID. Are you having issues connecting with NBN at your address?

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