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New Contributor
New Contributor

Two Broadband accounts in my name!

Hey everyone!
I'm going to ramble for a bit and am pretty angry, so please bear with me if what I'm going to say makes little sense.

I am a disgruntled Optus Wireless Broadband Customer here, and posting here in sheer exasperation, having exhausted all available options to me to rectify the issues I'm having.

I used Optus Wireless Broadband for one whole year at my residence in Warrnambool, Vic until I had to go abroad for a bit at the start of the year. I had that particular account suspended for three months, starting January and ending in March (the duration of my stay abroad).

The suspension process went smoothly. I was told I would be charged a nominal fee while my account was suspended and the regular fee afterwards.

However, I discovered that payments were being made from my bank account to Optus for the full $**private info**.20 that my plan entailed (A payment was made on January, and now in February). Utterly confused, I tried contacting Optus's customer sales reps asking whether the suspension had not been in effect. I was told it was and that no fee had been docked for my account.

I then gave them the reference number for my bill and it was only then that I was told that there had been two accounts under my name for the same address. I obviously have no idea how and why a second account was registered in my name, seeing as I do not love on that particular address anymore and that was the reason I had my account suspended in the first place!

I obviously demanded answers as to when the second account was ordered and the fact that I do not even have the second device and the fact that I had received absolutely zero correspondence regarding that account.

The customer sales rep was quick to wash her hands clean of the issue, and without answering my questions, forwarded me to the cancellations team (whom I'm still waiting to get back to me. It's been a few hours now!). Have to say this chat system rarely ever solves any problems, especially of this sort.

I don't know if what I've typed a I've even makes any sense or if there's anyone else who can relate to it or typing it all here will even help, but I'm absolutely not happy that I've been docked $124 and had absolutely no idea why that was happening!

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Two Broadband accounts in my name!

Hi there hab88,

Not too sure how that has happened and it's tricky to understand here as we don't have visibility of or have access to customer accounts here on this public forum.

Hopefully the team last looking into this complaint has since gotten back to you and resolved this issue.

If not, if you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details.  

Let us know how you go.

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