Travel Credit instead of Internet Data. Please help.


Just recharged my prepaid mobile broadband through the Optus mobile website and was given a list of recharge amounts. I chose $85 and the very next page was payment. I successfully paid but when I went to my account to check how much data the $85 gave me it was showing $85 in overseas Travel Credit and zero internet data. I did not know this!! It does not tell you the details of recharge amounts on the mobile website when you recharge. Is there any way that I can have the Travel Credit transferred to internet data? Or have I just wasted $85?? 


Re: Travel Credit instead of Internet Data. Please help.


Suggest you contat Optus Live Chat and ask. It shouldn't be a problem to switch it across. You might need to wait until Monday for someone who can do it but try livechat now anyway.


Peter Gillespie

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