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Occasional Contributor Palmplex
Occasional Contributor

Transferred to Unlimited plan but system still says I only have 200GB

I have a letter saying I havebeen transferred to an unlimited plan at no cost ( May 2017 ) . I am on HFC broadband Cable. My account online still says I only have 200GB and every month I get "If you reach 100% of your plan's 200 GB data allowance, your connection speed will be slowed to 256 kbps until the start of your next billing month". Can an Optus Guru please fix this as the Optus Helpline cant comprehend this simple problem after multiple communications. Thanks
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RetiredModerator Mike-N

Re: Transferred to Unlimited plan but system still says I only have 200GB

Hello @Palmplex. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been able to resolve this with our call centre. If you send us a private message confirming your phone/ account number, full name and date of birth, we'll help you get this fixed 🙂

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