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New Contributor

Third world country internet speeds

I am sick and tired of excuses over pathetically slow internet speeds.  I have long suffered deteriorating cable speeds with optus cable since I first installed it 20 years ago.  AT that time we enjoyed speeds of 25Mbps or better but as the time went by we now enjoy speeds of less than 5Mbps.  Dial up modems were faster!!  We pay good money for decent broadband speed but have to be satisfied with speeds slower than countries deemd to be third world.

I would rather have high speed than unlimited download capacity because (lets face it) there is not point to unlimited downloads if it takes a month to download a large file (maybe slightly exaggerated)!

Can anyone grom Optus who actually cares to holdon to a long term customer please resolve my complaint.


Garry......very disgruntled user.

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Honoured Contributor

Re: Third world country internet speeds

Its not a lone complaint unfortunately. FWIW the Optus cable network is due to be scrapped in two years time. IMO Optus are not spending much (time or $) maintaining or fixing it as long is it is still giving some performance. Coupled with this is the fact they've dramatically increased the user numbers and user data (Netflix) on cable so what you see is what you're likely to get. Optus can't fix it for just you and the won't for whole suburbs.


Peter Gillespie