The worst customer service in history


Has anybody else suffered with a relocation with Optus?

I submitted to the original request via online chat on Monday 23rd of May 2016. During the conversation I was led to believe the relocation of the Cable broadband service would take 5 business days and the service was to be terminated on Friday 27th May at the old location. The re-connection would then take place at the requested time of 2.30pm on the same day of 27th of May.

I arranged to be at my new address for the afternoon to await the connection of the new Cable broadband service. I waited and waited and waited. However, my wait was in vain as no Optus technician attended the now address. This is very frustrating given the lack of communication and I had to work around over important matters to be at the location.

But wait there is more.

I contacted the Optus relocation team on Monday 30th may to address the situation. I was amazed and dumfounded at the response from Optus.

I was informed Optus had sent an SMS message to advise the change of dates for the service to be connected. No SMS message was ever received from Optus.

The Optus relocation team had been advised by the back office team, that Optus do not provide Cable broadband services at the new location. The only option I had was to transfer to an ADSL 2+ service.  I was then informed the new ADSL2+ service was a Telstra owned service and it required Telstra to establish the connection. At this stage this had been scheduled to be connected on the 7Th June?

At no time did the Relocation team communicate these significant changes to the existing services I had with Optus.  The actions undertaken by Optus were grossly misleading in this situation.

I was provided an option to move my plan to an ADSL2+ service, at the same cost of the existing Cable plan.?? And the offered a $20pm discount.

I considered this offer and decided to take this offer due to the time already lost in obtaining a reconnection to my internet service.

The customer service agent advised they would contact me by mobile phone to confirm the connection date. Yet again no communication was received.

And then the tipping point.

On Friday 3rd of June I received a letter from Optus

The letter dated 31st May welcoming me to my new Optus Service. And providing me with details to activate the service. This included my username, password and email address.

Username: xxxxx.xxxxx

Password: please use your current Optus dial-up password.

Email Address:

Why am I using a completely foreign name for my service?

I don’t have a dial-up password, I had a cable connection

I have 5 current Optus email addresses I have used for the past 15 years. Why has this changed?

Tuesday 7th June

Rang Optus at 11.00am to find out if and when the connection would be established. Optus advised between the hours of 1.00pm and 5.00pm on the day.

I received a parcel via courier at 3.00pm.

Opened the parcel and removed the modem from the box, setup the modem and proceed to configure it.

Tried to use the internet and redirected to an Optus serviceNet page requesting a logon and password.

Contacted Optus again. Discussed the Username and password with the technical support team. The username is the previous tenant’s username as is the email address?

I advised I don’t want to be using a foreign user account.

I was advised that I have 2 options available to me.

  1. Append my existing email addresses to the new email address.
  2. Wait a further 3 days to have the account to be setup with properly.

I then gave up and decided to take time to weight-up my situation with Optus.

I have spent 10 hours on the phone to Optus in the past 10 days and believe Optus have been completely un-cooperative and misleading and uninformative on the services and products they provide.

So after a very frustrating time. I have 

  1. A service of lessor quality than I original started with.
  2. Optus ADSL2+ Modem.
  3. A Username of a person I have never met nor know off
  4. A user account in the name of a person I have never met nor know off
  5. An email address with no relevance to me
  6. No landline telephone number. As I have not received any communications from Optus advising me of my new landline number.
  7. No access to my original email addresses using the provided username
  8. Required to change all of my internet access points to use the account of a person I have never met nor know off.

This has been a compete debacle .

I did not believe in this day and age that anyone should be using a service and account of a telecommunications product that is not in their name.  

Re: The worst customer service in history




Sorry to hear that you're having issues with the relocation of your services. Moving house is stressful enough, I can appreciate that this additional confusion must be frustrating! 


Can you PM me your new address, full name and DOB so I can take a look at this for you? What you have explained definitely doesn't sound right, so I'd like to help Smiley Happy

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