The Never Ending Story Optus Version (Complaint)

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Dear Optus Team

I am writing to make a formal complaint. This issue has been ongoing and to actually appreciate its true extent it would require me to write a mini-series. It would also take you through the same torment, which would unkind! I will do my best to summarize it below. It has taken hours and hours of my time with some evidence attached at the end. Due to poor internal communication this issue is still ongoing, I think?



  • Conversation duration 18 minutes
  • Spoke to a sales consultant to change Cable to NBN
  • Was helpful and promised 6 months free on 110Ent24
  • I was not aware speed was capped and agreed to plan
  • NBN booked to be connected on the 24/10/16
  • Overall good experience



  • Noted speed cap limit and decided to contact prior to any established connection/activation
  • Spoke for 32 minutes 23 seconds
  • Customer support did not understand that I simply wanted to change from 110Ent24 to Basic plan with speed pack 4 which would be still 90 dollars a month (as I am an optus mobile user). Overall she was not aware of the Optus plans available
  • Somehow we entered complex calculations and finally after quoting multiple references on Optus website about prices, consumer laws etc….
  • The conversation still got nowhere!! and was told that it would cost me $110 per month and that she could not change it now and it would require a month!
  • I gave up and had to go to work so I decided ill contact Optus later



  • Called the 13 39 37 number and transferred through multiple people
  • Duration of call 42 minutes 55 seconds
  • I explained the entire story. Keep in mind that I am going to have to do this a further 15-20 times over the next few days with every call transfer!
  • Was told that it would be fine and they are able to place me on the basic plan + speed pack 4 100/40mbp for $90 a month
  • However, I would have to wait until the 28/10/16 for a connection to be arranged as I was actually not booked for 24/10/16 as originally planned



  • Technician came to connect NBN service to a new input in the house as I requested. Work finished after approximately one hour. Was happy with technician!
  • Noted speed was 25/5
  • Contacted Optus again this time required two calls one took 26 minutes 30 seconds and other 16 minutes 47 seconds
  • Seemed to be a lot of confusion as to which plan I was connected to! And team seemed to ignore/not sure why my cable connection remains active at the same time
  • Now I have two connections cable 30/2 and NBN 25/5. Informed Optus team to please cancel cable as I am not going to pay for two bills!
  • Eventually got transferred to a gentlemen that promised that they would keep me at $90 a month with ENT 100/40 due to errors
  • Change should occur tomorrow and colleague would follow up at 2pm tomorrow



  • 6:00pm no one called
  • After my work I called and conversation was 8 minutes 29 seconds. I was told that I have called after hours and need to call again on Monday
  • At the same time I was on the phone missed called from Optus member who left a message that speed is set up to 100/40 and restart my modem in 3 to 4 hours time. He also stated that he would call me tomorrow to check up again.
  • Restarted the modem after 4 hours and Internet stopped working
  • Two more calls needed to try and fix it one 5 minutes and 10 seconds and another 34 minutes and 58 seconds
  • Internet was fixed but speed remained 25/5. Those on the phone not sure what’s happened and why speed remains the same.



  • No one called
  • Cable still not disconnected for some reason as initially planned after NBN activation
  • NBN stopped working. Another phone call to Optus (unfortunately do not have the time recorded)
  • Told cannot help and technical booked for next Wednesday
  • Later that night I cycled my modem and it started working again!



  • Speed remains 25/5
  • Two calls today 1 hour 25 minutes and 16 seconds plus 16 minutes and 47 seconds
  • Spoke to four different individuals
  • There remains a lot of confusion and rumors! as to which plan/speed pack I am on! Even I was interested in finding out at this point!
  • Finally was confirmed to be; ENT pack with 100/40
  • Transferred to technical support as I was informed that it’s a technical issue because I am on right speed pack but the speed is slow!
  • Technician informed that other members are incorrect and that I am in fact on ENT with speed pack 2 hence 25/5 (so nothing was done all those days before?)
  • Told to wait 10 – 20 mins
  • Received a call back and was informed that all set up on his end. All I needed now is to speak to the pre-activation team again (5th transfer for the day)
  • I was transferred to the pre-activation team and told it well take a further 24-48 hours! I am still on the ENT100/40 (and this was the case the whole time) its 120 dollars a month! (back to square one).
  • I went through the whole story again and told the pre-activation team, I was meant to be Basic 100/40 for 90 a month and then promised ENT 100/40 for 90 a month due to errors!
  • She told me that she would have to re-order the plan and “it all be done soon maybe in 1 to 2 days time”
  • In summary at least 5 hours of contact time on phones excluding all other waiting times and I have no idea what is happening nor the Optus team it seems




Re: The Never Ending Story Optus Version (Complaint)


@Neverending - I can appreciate why you would be frustrated. I wouldn't appreciate having to call so many times for this issue. I'd be happy to pass on feedback to the representatives you spoke to. Would you be able to send through your account details, full name and DOB via PM? 

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Re: The Never Ending Story Optus Version (Complaint)



Thank you for response, I was contacted shortly after by home team and issue was resolved.



Re: The Never Ending Story Optus Version (Complaint)


Thanks for the update Smiley Happy I've responded to your PM. 


Let us know if we can give you a hand in the future.


Have a great day!

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Re: The Never Ending Story Optus Version (Complaint)


Not sure why you are complaining. The time taken, number and length of calls and effort required to get a resolution seems to be actually quite minimal compared to most. There's one thing about Optus, you can guarantee 100% that you will never get a complaint resolved in less than 2-3 calls and if you do that will be a miracle. Even less chance of that happening in less than 30 minutes, there's even less chance that an Optus team member will call you back the next day when they 'promise' that they will. It's no longer their problem once they have you off the phone and there appears to be no internal repercussion for the lies that are told by staff. 


The only way to resolve a complaint efficiently is to speak with the CRG. Interestingly the flawed complaint process seems designed so that a number of people will give up and not bother with the issues. Over the course of 12 months they would make/save a lot of money from billing issues that go unresolved. From my experience and feedback from others it is just as painful trying to get a complaint lodged with the CRG, call centre staff seen to do everything possible to avoid this. When they do after repetitive requests, 90% of the information passed on to them is incorrect and you have to start again. However within 10minutes your complaint is resolved, usually a generous credit is applied to your account for being stuffed around and your left thinking Optus isn't so bad after all..... until the next issue. 


Hats off to Optus and their genius in designing a flawed complaint system. You can't exactly leave them early in your contract without a cost. You are generally tied to your 2 year contract, Optus seems to have taken the approach of unless they are close to recontracting don't go to too much effort to resolve anything. We have them either way for x amount of months, they may even just give up on getting that small billing error fixed if we stuff them around enough. Optus seem to wear the fact they have the highest amount of complaints to the TIO as a badge of honour. They not only leaped over Vodafone but kept increasing the amount of complaints received to ensure they won the title. Genius Optus, you do win hands down

Re: The Never Ending Story Optus Version (Complaint)


Hey Ptrain - doesn't sound you had a good experience trying to get an issue resolved and I apologise for that. Definitely not the case that we're not interested in resolving customers concerns unless they escalate it and will ensure to pass your feedback on so we can improve on this.


If you needed a hand with anything - please do let us know. 

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Re: The Never Ending Story Optus Version (Complaint)


Hi Ptrain


Sounds like you have had a rough experience and dislike Optus. Its unfortunate that you had such an experience. The reason why I've put this complaint is that I have been an optus customer for multiple years and service is good. Usually my issues get resolved relatively quickly and do not require two weeks of follow up. I personally find it reasonable if a complex issue requires 2 to 3 calls. This was the case with many other service providers I have had in the past!


I hope your technical issue gets resolved and not have a bad experience in the future! all the best!

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