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Testing your Optus internet speed

Testing your internet speed is straight forward. As long as you have a computer and a web browser, you’re already half way there.

If you’re experiencing slower than expected internet speeds, we’ll always suggest running a speed before contacting us. Remember, always check our Network status page to confirm if there’s a planned or unplanned outage as it may be impacting the quality of your service.

When to run a speed test? 

  • Your internet speeds have become much slower than normal
  • Your internet speeds are slower than what we’d initially promised

How to run a speed test? 

Perform a speed test on Ookla.JPG

  Ooklah speed test as it appears on your Desktop/laptop 

You can run a speed test via the Optus @home app. If you don't have the Optus @home app or you wish to run a wired speed test, we suggest Ooklas's speed test

All you’ll need is a browser with the Adobe Flash plugin (this should be installed by default on most commonly used Web Browsers).

  1. Hit the Go button and Ooklah’s speed test will calculate your download and upload speed
  2. The Speed test can take seconds to a matter of minutes to complete (depending on the speed of your connection
  3. Once complete, you'll see below:

Ookla Speed test results.png

OOklah speed test results as it appears on your mobile/tablet

What type of speed tests to perform

  • Run a test over your WiFi Network
  • Run a wired speed test from your laptop or computer to your modem (Ethernet)
  • For NBN (Fibre to the premises and Fixed Wireless), run a wired speed test from your laptop/desktop directly to the NTD (Network Termination Device)

Getting the most accurate speed test results

For the most accurate result, a wired speed test is your best bet.  A wired speed test removes variables that may otherwise produce inaccurate results. All you'll need is a LAN cable (Ethernet) and a device with a LAN input.

If you have a device with a LAN port, simply plug one end of the Ethernet cable into your device and the other end into a spare port at the back of your modem.

Running a test over WiFi may introduce:

  • WiFi interference

  •  WiFi Network congestion                                                                                                                       

What if I don’t have a LAN input? 

You might be using a device without an Ethernet port, such as an iPad, Mobile or Macbook Air. If this applies to you, there’s a few things you can do to produce an accurate WiFi speed test result.

  1. Ensure that only one device is connected to your WiFi Network
  2. Make sure that you’re not downloading or uploading any files in the background. To be absolutely certain, open your Task manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (MAC). Close or force quit applications that are taking up your available Network bandwidth

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If you have any questions, leave us with a comment below 😊

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