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New Contributor

Terrible customer experience with billing

Spent the last two months trying to figure out why we suddenly got a large bill that says overdue, while we never saw the “original” bill.


My job is very busy so I don’t have time to wait on the line to be transferred from one customer service to another and another for an answer, although I did try.


eventuanllg madd it to the store but they refuse to help. They tried to put me on a line which then came back saying billing team not working. Not over here as rude store manager saw we needed help but only sent his employee to tell us we must wait 30 mins go speak with him. He was two meters away. (This is Saturday afternoon in melbourne central)


Seems like billing team only works when people work - so is Optus so preeminent that people have to take time off work to deal with you? I thought we are the customers and you are meant to look after us. 


It’s a straight forward billing issue, whil Optus also changed our contract start date as we moved house. We are in the clouds, and there seems to be nowhere to get help.



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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Terrible customer experience with billing

Sorry you've had such a tough time getting in touch @customerights.


We're happy to help out from our end. You'll need to send us a private message. I need your full name, DOB and account number


We also have a Live Chat team available to speak with 24/7. You can find them here → 

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