Terrible connection


I'm so disappointed in Optus. Being a loyal customer I've stuck with Optus hoping that this shitty connection was just gonna be for a while but their internet is so slow and its not even funny. Ive spoken to so many people and they even sent me a new modem and it didn't fix my problem. Their staff are also useless, when did their customer service become so terrible? They will keep telling you it's not their fault and continue to make excuses but Optus is obviously hiding something and I'm actually really considering cancelling my contract as I cannot take it any longer 


Re: Terrible connection


Hi there,


I believe your internet connection speeds will depend on a number of things like, equipment being used, how many users are downloading concurrently, type of cable being used (older coaxial vs newer ones like quad-shield RG6), and distance to the nearest powerline with suitable hardware (assuming this is cable broadband, not DSL)

Re: Terrible connection


What sort of internet connection is this and what did support say about the speed?

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