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Telstra to drop Excess Charges - Optus to follow?

Its been a disaterous week for both major Telcos. Both appearing to discover that some long term corporate approaches (leading to higher profits but increased customer disatisfaction) are finally starting to bite the bottom line.


Optus was in more immeadiate damage control over the World Cup. FWIW I think they have handled that process as well as could be expected and generously. Telstra on the other hannd appear to be making a more considered and deep cutting reform. Two major reforms appear in the works:


1) The long profitable practice of excess data fees with no user control is to be stopped (these days a 1%-2% data boost nets the company an imeadiate 10%-25% boost to the bottom line - and Optus can just keep doing it 1500 times a month!). Its pretty unconciousable conduct IMO and I dearly hope Optus follow suit


2) Telstra are looking to reduce their product offerings from 1500 to around 20. Its increasingly clear that the "planfusion" approach of giving customers no real way to compare products is now biting the hand that feeds it. Many of the complaints here are about bonus and boosts and billing issues that many staff just can't fix. The backend is overloaded with completity and deeply discontiguous. Simplifying things could be the single most effective way to redress most of the back end issues that seem to beset Optus now?


Perhaps the time has finally come to start playing with a straight bat and offering customers a straight forward deal that doesn't seek to trick and confuse them or make reasonable redress something that most just give up on because its not worth the effort and time to get a promised $10 bonus applied.


As an added bonus, perhaps when things like the World Cup do go wrong, customers would be more inclined to take it on the shoulder knowing Optus are on their side and working hard to fix it for them.


Peter Gillespie

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