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Telephone sockets after cable installation


Recently I received confirmation of a cable broadband + homephone bundle I ordered.
When the tech comes to setup this service, is it possible to use the existing telephone sockets in the house, or is it necessary to use the port on the modem?
If it requires the port on the modem, is it possible to connect that port to one telephone socket in the house, and a phone to another socket on the same circuit in another room, will that work?

Also we had Optus cable many years ago, but we cancelled this service some time ago. The socket is still in the wall. Will we have to use this socket, or is it possible to get a new cable socket installed elsewhere in the house?


Re: Telephone sockets after cable installation


Hey @chipswiggin. What the tech will do is connect a new socket to the wall. They will run a lead from the modem to this socket and ensure that the existing sockets are cut over. You can discuss with the tech at time of install if the location of the existing socket is suitable or if they will be able to install a new one for you. 

Re: Telephone sockets after cable installation


If this wasn't known at the time of installation, what are the options?

The optus installers plugged in the modem in one of the room upstairs so we would have to go upstairs to answer the phone which is not exactly ideal.

Would I have to hire someone to make some changes to the wiring in the wall, or can I output the telephone line to a wireless splitter or something?


Re: Telephone sockets after cable installation


Hey @stripped, we'd need to book out a technician to move the outlet. Alternatively we can organise an outlet extension for you. Extensions are the sockets which connect to the primary sockets. Not all lines have extensions. Extensions have the same telephone number as the primary socket to which it is connected. There would be a charge to remove or organise an extension for you. I believe the charge is $165.00. You can always call our fault team on → 131344 to have this arranged.


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