Tech support impasse - repair/replace Huawei E5186 modem power adapter


Hi everyone. I'm encountering an almost unbelieveable situation in trying to get a replacement under warranty for a external power adapter for a Huawei E5186 Wireless Broadband modem. My little plug in power (tranformer) adapter for my modem failed recently, verified by the plugging in of a alternative power supply, which powers the modem fine. So I went to Optus over in Bundaberg to see if I could get a new adapter under warranty, as the modem is under 2 years old, the term of my contract. They indicated they don't carry "spare" stock, and suggested I contact support to arrange sending in the old power supply to have it assessed and replaced. I did this and sent the power supply only to their repair unit with a Chullora address, expecting they'll check it, verify it is dead and replace it. 3 weeks after sending I've heard nothing, but could verify receipt. So I contact Optus social media via Twitter seeking an update to be told that the "repair" people will not assess/replace the power supply unless I send my modem in to them too for assessment. We have been to and fro'ing ever since with me refusing to send it - I trust neither the AusPost mail or these "repair" people with a sensitive device like a wireless modem to be needlessly transported to Sydney and back, for what is essentially a uneccesary "evaluation" given the modem works fine on an alternative power supply. I've also indicated if they supply a new power adapter and it fails because of the modem then obviously it is on my head. But we have an impasse now all over a $15-$20 power unitl that I can't buy a (genuine) replace for at retail level. I've asked to have the matter escalated to a managerial level but seem to be stick in the labrynth of Optus' bureacracy. The "repair" people have no public facing staff and the "support" people say the repair people are intransigent which is just ludicrous. I'm done wasting time but feel Optus is being unreasonable and not viewing this issue from a customer perspective, where the response should be a simply replacement. Before I vent my spleen publicly to the media and TIO is there anyway or anyone that can help me break this impasse without wasting more of my time? Any genuine assistance would be appreciated.

Re: Tech support impasse - repair/replace Huawei E5186 modem power adapter


It is pretty insance given just about any operator can give you a $20 credit for any number of reasons. The cost to date must far outweigh the material price.


There's no requirement for you to send back the modem. You've said the power pack is broken and its for Optus Repair to either confirm or deny that. If they can't verify it themselves than they need to repair/replace/refund it.


At this stage I can only suggest write a letter  (these get complaint numbers and are treated more seriously). Just a simple rundown saying Optus have had plenty of time to assess the faulty equipment and you want a refund or repair etc. If they come back with a no then forward the letter (and complaint number) to the TIO and they should take it from there. 


Customer Relations Group
PO Box 306
SA 5106


I agree its largely the principle of the matter now.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Tech support impasse - repair/replace Huawei E5186 modem power adapter


Thanks Peter, I appreciate your response. I agree that the cost of this ridiculous situation to Optus far outweights any benefits their intransigence might have for them on this subject. To say I'm in total disbelief that my once responsive Telco has stonewalled on this issue an an understatement. All I'm trying to do is get a genuine replacement part, preferably under warranty. I've signed up for another 12 months wireless access and am relying on the modem for that period, which will make it 3 years old at the end. I refuse to accede to their un-necessary request to send the modem back for the reasons above. Even more ironic is that both myself and my wife's phone contracts run out in mid August, same time as the original Home Wireless BB contract. It is beyond speculation that we will not rush over to Bundy Optus and sign up again. I guess I'll have to buy a 12V 2A power adapter to use pending this issue being resolved, as my wife is getting cheesed at me turning off the Net access to run the external hard drive (I'm using its power adapter on the modem) for backups and more :-) Cheerz MH.


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