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I am wondering why it is so extremely difficult to get tech support from Optus. It was difficult in the past, but it seems to have gotten a lot worse.


Neither "chat" links on this page work:


Having dug to the bottom the the support pages, I eventually found a phone number. Once connected, you have to navigate 16 menu options before you eventually get placed on hold for 43 minutes before you can talk to "Peter" in Mumbai, who despite his best intentions cannot solve a connection issue. Anyway, managed to get it going again eventually.


Talks about frustrating!


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Does the link below work? If not can you tell me what it does..


Re: Tech Support


Hey @Accadacca - apologies for any difficulties getting assistance. If you're having trouble getting through over the phone or on Live Chat, please let us know what you're needing a hand with and we'll do our best to assist via this channel. 

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Re: Tech Support


Optus has gotten slowly WORSE over the 22 years I have been with them and I have given up on trying to get a sensible answer out of them. They have SCREWED up my login and I have given up on trying to find an answer to my issues. After 22 years I have HAD it with hopeless.

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