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TP-Link Archer FTTC Settings


Can someone tell me the EXACT settings for the #Archer2800 FTTC to replace the Optus Sagecom router? I seem to recall that I need to input the MAC address for the FTTC NBN Modem

Thanks in advance 

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Re: TP-Link Archer FTTC Settings

To use a 3rd party router with FTTC you don't have to worry about MAC addresses. Just plug its WAN port into the NBN box and use a WAN connection type of DHCP/Automatic IP or equivalent and that should be it.

Re: TP-Link Archer FTTC Settings

Hi there @Brezza76, thanks for posting on Yes Crowd. 

I would've advised the same as @YetAnotherAcc has mentioned above. So please try out their suggestion and see how you go!

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