Switch off paper bills - Landline phone


Frustration in switching Optus landline paper bill off


I received a Optus flyer with my Optus landline tax invoice (paper bill), saying that from 1-APR-2016, I will be charged a $2.20 for each ‘paper bill’ I received. UNLESS I register for ‘email billing’ by register my landline at:  




Follow, the registration of a ‘telephony’ account did NOT work


Follow , I got “OOPS, We couldn't find the page you wanted. The link that was clicked was outdated”.

Hrrrrrrr, how frustrated!!!


By follow another instruction from the Optus Community forum: , the registration of my landline number gave me an error “The service entered is not eligible for My Account registration. Please check and try again.”


I had wasted the whole day being mucked around by Optus, just trying to do a simple switch from paper bill to email bill by follow exact instruction fro Optus which ALL FAILED to work!!!


Has anyone experienced the same frustration???


Can any kind hearted soul enlighten me with any solution???


OR, this is just another money grabbing exercise by Optus to boost it’s bottom line revenue???

Re: Switch off paper bills - Landline phone


After 2 days, no reply from Optus???


So… I will be charged $2.20 for paper bills and I have NO WAY to change from paper bills to email bills after following the exact procedures from Optus notice???


Optus help line 133 937 will put you on queue forever, and the caller is to pay for the call fee!!!

Optus procedure and links on the 'notice' (come with the tax invoice) was NOT working!!! (see previous post.


Optus "online chat line" is BUSY and asked the user to post on the Optus Comunity forum for help!!!


No reply from Optus Community forum???


What the XXXX!!! My apology for losing my maner!!!

Re: Switch off paper bills - Landline phone


Yes, had the same problem, really frustrating. Even called Optus service twice and both waited so long before Customer Service answered and still problem was not rectified even at their end!

Re: Switch off paper bills - Landline phone




How did you get on resolving this?


@ce1ine @HLO1


If either of you would like assistance changing from paper billing please send me your account information (Account Number, Account Name and DOB) in a private message along with a contact email and/or mobile that I can register for the notifications.



Re: Switch off paper bills - Landline phone


Thank you for posting this. I have the exact same problem as you and thought I was going crazy. Why on earth would Optus go to the effort of producing a flyer with a URL that doesn't work? And they haven't fixed it for over a month! It beggars belief.


According to this page, one can switch on paper billing through either My Account or Member Services. My experience was the same as for HL01:


If I triy to register through My Account, I get the message The service entered is not eligible for My Account registration. Please check and try again.


If I try to register through Member Services, I get the message Please call Optus Customer Care to complete registration or Due to a system issue, we are unable to proceed at this time. Please try again later.


So yes, I totally feel your frustration. I'll send a private message to Jamie and see if I can get the problem fixed that way...

Re: Switch off paper bills - Landline phone


Sending a private message to Jamie did the trick. So to anyone else who shares the same frustration as HL01 and I, this is the solution.


While it's annoying that Optus has no interest in fixing their broken URL or their mishmash of systems, it's good to know there's someone on the inside who can turn on the right settings in the back-end. Thanks Jamie!

Re: Switch off paper bills - Landline phone


I agree. Really frustrating and time wasting!

Re: Switch off paper bills - Landline phone


My apology for delaying acknowledge Jamie's help as I still try to recover from my Optus NIGHTMARE.


YES, Jamie is the ONLY saviour to alleviate the pains OPTUS has inflicted on me for that pittyful $2.20


URL advertised by Optus does NOT work

Optus procedures caused more pains than help

Optus help line will put you on hold forever just to push you overboard if you still manage to keep your sanity

Optus chat line is always busy and redirect you to the Optus Community Forum 

Optus staff told you their multiple systems cannot handle different account types

Optus multiple account portals are just a joke (MyAccount vs MemberServices)

Optus support staff called me (both Home Phone & Mobile) on a 'cracking' lines which I can only hear(&understand) 10% of the conversationh

Optus has waste many days of my life for just $2.20 


I strongly recommend Optus should give Jimie a pay rise and promotion. Whoever support my recommjendation please give me a Kudo

Those people in hidding in the aircon office and do nothing shoul get the boot!!!


Today's Optus is far more inferior that the original Optus in the good old days!!! What a shame!!!



Re: Switch off paper bills - Landline phone


Have sent you a PM Jamie Thanks for your assistance with this.


Cheers John

Re: Switch off paper bills - Landline phone

[ Edited ]

Hi Jamie


My name is neil and I'm getting the exact same error messages trying to switch off paper bills.


Please help me too!


Acc No: 10199137000155

Name : Mr Neil Lerve

DOB: <removed for privacy reasons>

email: <removed for privacy reasons>


Thanks so much

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