Suspect payment demand


Hi there - has anyone else received a dodgy demand for payment like the below?

It is definitely dodgy and I think Optus should be putting out a warning to users just in case it is ransomware related or something similar.



Re: Suspect payment demand


It’s hard to tell where it came from without looking at the mail headers. If the link in the email actually takes you to then it could be genuine. Either way I would be checking via the live chat link below as it’s never wise to follow an email link unless you understand the difference between a genuine url and a fake one.

Re: Suspect payment demand


Hi Yeldarb,

this is definitely a suspect email.

1. Just the subject line alone rang alarm bells - Optus don't process my bills - I pay them online.

2. The wording "Payment of this account is past account issue date" doesn't make sense.

It should read "is past the due date".

In any event, my bill isn't overdue at all. It isn't due for a while yet.

Also, when hovering my mouse over the link it shows up as seen at the bottom of the below screen snip:



This doesn't look like an optus web address.




Re: Suspect payment demand


Well my friend you have answered your own question. Cheers. Smiley Happy

Re: Suspect payment demand


Morning! Definitely a hoax email - please forward to so we can investigate this further. Many thanks

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