Support - lack of owernship & unresolved.


Ordered new cable internet install for home, including speed boost max.. Cable was installed on Wednesday, but it seems they forgot to add the speedboost. So, I phone in, and they apply it, tell me it'll take 24 hours to apply. 24 hours later, nothing, so I call back, and get transfered 3 times before I reach tech support - each time, they blind transfer and I have to give all my details and the issue all over again. Finally it seems that my account is stuck "pending install" even though it's installed, and they can't change it, therefore can't apply the speed boost pack. So, they've escalated to their internal I.T. department and it'll take 3-5 business days to look into..


This surely isn't difficult. Change the account status, apply the pack. Your support staff are friendly, but ultimately hopeless. No owership of issue, no follow up, blind transfers.


I've spent over 2 hours on the phone to you in 2 days, and I still don't have the product I ordered, and confirmed with your pre-activations team.


I'd like this resolved, and I won't be paying for the days until the full service I ordered is active.

Re: Support - lack of owernship & unresolved.


Hello Is this to do with NBN if so NBN Connect you to the Node or house whatever then they have to contact Optus to switch over but sometimes the NBN forget or what ever this happened with me had it connected had no internet connected by 11am by NBN yet Telco wasn't told it was done so had not turned on on maybe this is what problems you are having

If it's not NBN relatived then yes it needs to sorted out by Optus as it's to do with there side of it

Re: Support - lack of owernship & unresolved.


Hi Shooterau, thanks for your reply,


Cable "broadband" sadly. No NBN for us until 2019 - hence ordering Cable as ADSL makes my brain bleed.

Re: Support - lack of owernship & unresolved.


Hey @mikedax, has this been sorted out yet or are you still waiting? Please send me a PM with your full name, DOB and home address if you'd like me to follow up for you.

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