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Frequent Contributor

Sudden slow downs Glen Waverley (Victoria) area

For the last two nights my ordinarily rocket-fast NBN cable connection is slowing down to levels around 4Mbps.  Normally I get speeds up to 82Mpbs (I pay for the speed pack).  Talking to the tech in India they claim that works are underway in another part of my area and this is causing the slow down...and yet my area's NBN construction is complete.  It can't be congestion because for the better part of a month I was getting the rocket speeds at all times of the day.  Does anyone know what is going on and why should I keep paying top dollar for a service I'm not getting???

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RetiredModerator Hannah-L

Re: Sudden slow downs Glen Waverley (Victoria) area

Hey @TommyB, apologies for the delay getting back to you here. I've just responded to your PM.

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