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Still being billed months after cancellation


I cancelled our home Optus cable service back in April 2019 (moved to a different provider for NBN which actually has a local Australian call centre) and returned the Fetch box a month or so later but I am still being billed each month for a service I don’t even have and cannot even use despite several chats and calls to try and rectify the situation. Each time I get “this will be resolved on the final bill” or similar rubbish but the point is there should be no final bill. Any outstanding amount should be deleted from the billing system and the account closed. It’s that simple. I can’t understand how a supposed hi-tech company can’t even manage something so basic. This is getting ridiculous. Like other people with similar issues I don’t have the time to chase this up each month for services billed that I am not even physically connected to. I’m at my wits end. I have copies of the chats and texts etc. Why can’t they just shut it down? Why can’t I speak to someone locally in Australia who can actually do something about the issue (ie shut the account) while I’m online with them. What’s all this rubbish about it will be settled in the final bill? Get your act together Optus. Now I’ve rexeived another bill with an account fee for late payment despite the previous chat/call responder saying the outstanding charge would be annulled. This could be counted as a black mark against my credit status in terms of bill payments. How pathetic.


Re: Still being billed months after cancellation


Thank you for raising this issue and it's disappointing to hear that is still ongoing for some reason.
This is not something that we can assist with here on the forum.
If you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details. They are Australian based...

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