Speeds in North Melbourne? Beyond a joke!


Hi Guys,


I posted here a few weeks ago after years of frustration. Following advice I phoned the support line and they talked me through a few changes on modem (channel, etc). The issue has not changed at all. Every evening, my speed is absolutely atrocious. From about 6.30 onwards it's not even possible to watch a video without it pausing every 10 to 30 seconds. Buffering just doesn't happen. It's really starting to anger me considering the cost I pay and that I need a competent internet connection for work. If you have a video on - you're pretty much assured it will start freezing in the evening. This is pretty much the only time I am home!! My plan is an unlimited one so no peak times or anything like that. 


Ive had a few people in the same area of West Melbourne / North Melbourne with Optus mention the speeds are non functional every evening for them too. Some said they've been told it's congestion - but if congestion means it's not even functioning for the price paid - then I'm tempted to cancel my entire account and just use my phone! I am at my breaking point. 


Anyone else experience this and have have any recommendations (all other devices are disconnected) - what advice have you been given?


At the end of my tether. 


Re: Speeds in North Melbourne? Beyond a joke!


Hey M,


Sunshine here,


It's been 2 years, Same old respone given to us "congestion".


See thread here.


Tired of going home and using only 2-3 mbps when we pay for around 30mbps. They kept giving us dates for upgrades, 2 years now and its been pushed back everytime amazing.


Recently canceled and joined telstra, expensive but the speed is what they promise.


Hope this helps mate.

Re: Speeds in North Melbourne? Beyond a joke!


Hey @Misha, I'm sorry to hear you're still having trouble with your connection speed. Smiley Sad Can you please send me a PM with your full name, DOB and account number so that we can take a look at your options? 


Re: Speeds in North Melbourne? Beyond a joke!


Hi Hannah,


Thank you  for your message. I will do. 





Re: Speeds in North Melbourne? Beyond a joke!


Thanks Misha Smiley Happy I've responded to your PM about this.

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