Speed update


I am wondering if optus has any plans to BOOST the upload speeds anytime soon?

I see  that Americans have MUCH better upload speeds as do many in Asia but

it appears that Asutralia is WAY behind.
The modems CG3000 V1 and V2 are capable of handing MUCH better speeds

than the 1.8mbps I get on, the downloads are good tonight though,


I was just wondering because the upload speeds can be a little annoying now and then.


Re: Speed update


Hey pendaws - no plans at this stage for changes to our upload speeds. We've recently responded to another thread on this topic too, further info here.

Re: Speed update


I am sure that optus is NOT considering this unless they could charge more for it. Smiley Happy

Time will tell I guess. Optus should hope that one of the American ISP's doesn't make

it this far south Smiley Happy

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