Speed pack not given


I have been an Optus Broadband bundle customer for 213 out of the last 15 years including the last 8 years straight.


I recently signed up from the $115 Boadband Bundle which was due to expire to the new $90 Plan with just Cable and Phone options.


I was told that I would receive a WiFi Modem as a long term customer with a really old modem.


This modem keeps dropping out my service now and that has happened twice in the last 5 days.  I have phoned Tech Support to no avail as the problem resolves with a boot of the modem and reconfig of my internet service.


While I was on the phone, TWICE, I was told that I should have received the Premium Speed Pack, fre of chage when i re-signed.


Today after waiting nearly 40 minutes I was told NO!!. But I could contact Redemption Department who would aply a discount as I was a long time customer.


Do I really have to wait another 40 minutes on the phone.  Why can't the service call operators access the account and do the work.  There is a thing called PLus one in call centre speak but Optus is not applying this in their Modus Operandi.


I need this sorted so that I get the modem and speed pack who can I call to receive direct service?


Re: Speed pack not given


Hey tangfu_jim, sorry for the delay in responding, we have been flat chat! Did you end up getting in contact with our billing team to get this sorted? They are the best people to speak to. The best number to contact them on is 1300300693 Let us know if you still need a hand with this.

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