Speed pack not applied on new plan




Maybe someone here can help, called Optus technical service department and can't get it resolved.

On the 1 October 2016 I've switched to Unlimited plan with speed pack (100/2) from my old 50/70. Got unlimited part sorted out after few calls, but can't get speed pack applied. 


During last call guy told me that speed pack code was incorrectly applied and he fixed this now, reboot modem in 4 hours and I should get speed pack applied. After 4 hours and modem reboot nothing happened, still can't get above 30 mbps (tried 1:30 AM and 7 AM so not congestion issues).


I'm started thinking maybe problem is on my end? I've CG3000v2 modem in bridge mode with now old Billion 6404 VGP router, could this be the issue?


Any help is appreciated as I don't know how else to fix this.

Re: Speed pack not applied on new plan


Update: disabled Bridge mode on modem, connected PC straight to cable modem and got speed up to 70mbps in peak hour, so problem with my router.


Any idea how to fix it or do I need to get new router?


Re: Speed pack not applied on new plan


Hey @mukas, glad to hear your speeds are great when a direct connection is in place. Smiley Happy With regards to fixing your router, we're not able to provide that type of support unfortunately. Billion might be able to help you out, you can find their contact details here. Best of luck!

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