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Speed Pack Removed

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It seems my speed pack has been removed from my cable connection, before doing a speedtest was was able to get 100 mbps constantly but now I am only able to get a constant 30 mbps with the exact same speed I was getting before the speed pack was originally added.
I have reset the router a couple of times, tried tests at different times of the day and night and still the same result.
A couple of days ago my Fetch TV box hard drive failed, the customer service rep said something like he will reset something and send out a new box. Could this reset have taken away the speed pack?

Are optus adding the speed pack then removing them after a while?

Re: Speed Pack Removed

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Just talked to support, my speed pack was removed somehow. I was on the default 30 mbps cable.

Now its back on the merry go round of trying to get it put back on. Tech guy said 4 - 24 hours before it will be back. Heard this a couple of times when I originally got it activated after 3 calls.

Re: Speed Pack Removed


Well surpise surprise its been over 36 hours and still my speedpack had not been activated. Another call to customers services tomorrow with another long wait after rep says he will keep track of it and make sure it gets put back on. Wonder how many calls and time I will have to endure to get it activated again.


Re: Speed Pack Removed

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Speed pack back now, had to call customer service this morning  and actually got a rep who knew what he was doing. 

Thanks Jol.


Re: Speed Pack Removed


Sorry about the trouble you've had here gaz2030, but glad to hear Jol was able to get this sorted out for you now. 

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