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Spam Email

Optus Spam Filtering does not seem to be working, as I am constantly getting about 20-30 spam emails a day across several email address. I have created rules for all of them and also added them to the block list but they are still getting through. This should be done server level and not an email client level. T

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Re: Spam Email

Hi @douggie, not great to see you're receiving these spam emails. I've flagged your post as feedback for the relevant teams to review, as we're always looking to improve our products. 

For more info on reporting and limiting spam emails, please check out our Internet Security Guide. If you have any other questions, I recommend sending our technical teams a message through the My Optus App

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Respected Contributor

Re: Spam Email

@douggie wrote:

This should be done server level and not an email client level. T

The only thing you can do is use webmail to flag the spam, and you can only do that if the spam hasn't already been moved from the server to your mail client.

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