So slow it's driving me crazy!


I am NOT on the NBN.  I have cable broadband connected to my house.  Again, like most nights my download speed has dropped to 3.1Mbps, sometimes it's as low a 1.5Mpbs.  My upload is often too low to even register.


My plan includes "Premium Speed".  Surley there is more going on than "sorry, there is nothing we can do, it's just evening congestion", and "it's a known problem and we are working on it".  You've been working on it for a very long time now!


Could I have a faulty cable or need a new modem?


There just has to be an answer to this ridiculous situation - if not, where's my refund??

Re: So slow it's driving me crazy!


Hit them up for a discount if they have said it's congestion or look at another technology or provider. It's always possible that hardware can cause the issue however if technical support say that it's congestion then that's basically it. 

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