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New Contributor Billyjiggles
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Slowest internet

I have been with optus for 30yrs. I have just realised that my slow internet.. or the way my internet functions is not normal ..2.2 mbps.. 

  I have called optus to fix it on many occassion.. they send a technician . To check the wall socket 

.it is ok.. a technician to fix the street .. its ok.. i actually had .10.2 mbps for 5 days and then .. its back at... 2.2 mbps.. i called again .. they want to do exactly the same tests.. i gave up..called .. 3 weeks later after we lost total connection.. and consistant drop outs.. the service guy on the phone said he cannot do anything and the special technical team will call me in 2 days... well its been 10 days.. i still have internet that i cant even stream netflix on let alone surf the internet.. and still have drops and a speed of 2.2mbps .. i really thought this was normal internet speed .. until i have been visiting my parents in gosford and there internet speed is.. 42mbps .. god optus.. i live in dee why sydney .. what a damn joke..

  I pay 100 a month .. with mobile phone included.. but i have to use extra every month on the mobile network as i cant use my home internet

 No body has called.. nobody is fixing it and it seems this is not an isolated case. Its most people that are with optus..oh and optus are quick to send a letter out blaming testra about service problems .. and say that optus only rents the lines from telstra so is there fault.. sorry guys you offer the service you are responsible for the reimbursement to the customers..

I would like years of fees paid back to me for inconsitant and low grade internet service and speed..30yrs of been ripped off..

  Get my service fixed forever.. not for 3 days out of years... and where is my phone call back .. and why cant i actually e mail .. or have to wait 45 mons to talk to an indian in india to fix a service in australia.. these people are very helpful and friendly and i bet they are so frustrated with dealing with the same issue

Eveytime.. poor i gather its time to maybe get a crowd together and get the telecommunications obidusman onboard and have optus either close itself down.. or start fixing the bloody internet speed and pay back our bloody charges for an inferior service


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Re: Slowest internet

Your parents sound like they are on NBN with a decent short copper line. Your line is no doubt corroded and barely connecting in some pit that gets flooded all the time. It sounds like you could be 3km from the exchange if you got 10mbs for a few seconds.


A lot of people in your position are moving over to the mobile network, because lately Optus have brought out 100,140,200GB plans with unmetered Netflix for $70. You have to check what speeds the mobile network is going, because it may get congested, due to all the large plans they ae bringing out.

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