Slow upload speed on Cable


Sometime after Easter our upload speeds have dropped significantly down to 0.16MBps. We can't even upload a 3MB to dropbox for example.

There have been some NBN works the past month.


Ookla speeds on Ethernet and Wifi using different devices will sometimes show 30-40Mbps down (totallt fine) and 0.16Mbps Up.

Here is the results I just did while I type this:

Optus Chat support says "Everything is normal". Obviously isn't! 

I noticed this person has had similar problems ( 


Have tried turning on and off.

Unplugged everything but 1 device (ethernet and wifi).

How can I get Optus to actually do something about it?


Re: Slow upload speed on Cable


The NBN works won't have anything to do with the Optus cable network, as they aren't even using the Optus network at all.


Could you go into your modem's management page and get the cable statistics from the device?

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Re: Slow upload speed on Cable


After doing nothing else new, the speed have gone back to normal the past few days.

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