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Occasional Contributor jul-s
Occasional Contributor

Slow speed solved

It pays to keep onto OPTUS if you have slow speeds, after nearly 2 years and many phone calls and technicians my NBN speed is now  upload 7.4 mbps and download of 30 mpbs.  OPTUS now have a happy customer and I might even stay. Thanks OPTUS. The issue was NBN Co not OPTUS but why someone had followed through I don't know it seems overseas call centre are a waste of time and need to be canned.

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Honoured Contributor
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Re: Slow speed solved

Two years? Wow Smiley Surprised


I hope you haven't rushed on the good news and the speeds stay solid over the coming weeks. 


I agree it doesn't reflect well on either party - NBN for the fault and Optus (as your representative to the NBN) for failing to follow up effectively over such a period.




Peter Gillespie