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I have been having real slow internet speed for over a week now and I have tried contacting tech support a number of time. The tech support has not given me any solution all that they do is run a test and then say there maybe a fault and that I need to call in a technician and if the fault is found on my end I pay 150 dollars to them as well as pay another separate fee at my cost to get it fixed. This is not acceptable to me. That I pay 150 dollars to find a fault alone. Logging onto a chat which is said to be live takes forever and keeps getting disconnected. I am super annoyed and disappointed. I need a more effective solution to this problem. I don't pay for not being serviced and for such slow internet speed. Even now when i ran a test for checking the speed the results are as follows: Results 0.26 Mbps Mirror: Optus Data: 9 MB Test Time: 292.275 seconds Tue, Jan 9, 2018 12:05 AM ISP: Optus 0.03 MB/s Location: N/A please resolve.

Re: Slow internet speed


Hey @Shiv_98, I'm assuming this is an ADSL connection?


Remote testing for ADSL is limited, so if we can't identify a fault on our end, a technician is required for further investigation. Optus are responsible for supplying the internet to your property, so the $150 fee only applies if something on your end is causing the issue like a third party modem, incorrect set up etc.


As long as you're using the standard set up as instructed when connecting, all technician costs will be covered by Optus. Anything else would require a private technician.

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