Slow internet speed.


Hello yes crowd,

I’m a yes Optus customer who was just minding my own business, enjoying my brisk download speeds after I paid for a speed boost and life was great.

Recently, over the last several months, I have seen a decline in speed, when I call there turns out to be “technical issues” in the area and I’m told it will get better in a few days which it does but it generally gets slower again which it has.

My download speeds during peak times has gone from 40-60mbps to 5mbps. I can’t really do anything when I’m using the internet alone, not to mention when my housemates are using the internet as well.

Please fix this in a timely and long term manner, Optus. I’m finding it hard to justify the cost associated with the speedboost and I don’t really feel like I’m getting what I’m paying for - a cable internet connection when my 4G internet connection is approximately 10 times faster.

I hope to hear from anyone with suggestions soon.

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I been having the same issues since FEB 2017, Optus even gave me a discount of $20 for 3 months but still have this issue.

I tired to compalint tonight but got the following



HAHAHAHA their own chat support got diconnected!!!

Re: Slow internet speed.


The Optus cable network is due to be junked in a few years time. Maintenance is decreasing and user numbers increasing. Its likely this is the future of your HFC cable experience. If you're not getting over 30Mbps in peak hour then I'd suggest removing the speed pack (or at least requesting it be applied at no cost - Optus does this a fair bit)


When does the NBn arrive in your area?




Peter Gillespie


Re: Slow internet speed.


Not until June 2019 and then most likely will be pushed back!



Re: Slow internet speed.




I have the same problem. I'm paying the extra $20 speed up pack, which doesnt appear to be working (currently measures 3Mb/s download)


Fortunately I brought a Telstra Nighthawk M1 which is 20 times faster than my Optus Cable, so I'm just using that for now.


As you will also have realised, there doesnt appear to be any support from Optus any more, its all self-help and crowd support. I'll check back every so-often to see if you get the problem resolved, if you do, please tell us how.

Re: Slow internet speed.


Hi @Sanaa, we recommend getting in touch with our Tech Support team via LiveChat so that this issue can be investigated.

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