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Slow WiFi with Huawei B525 modem

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I have recently received a HUAWEI b525 modem upon signing up to a new plan, about a month in now and our internet is unusably slow! No network outages according to the Optus page.

Current speed test:

download 0.03mbps upload 0.2mbps ping 18ms

I’ve moved the modem to the second story, no change.

Tried changing the wifi channels, no change.

Restarted modem, slight boost - speed test before this was 0.016 download mbps

We definitely haven’t gone over our data limit, I’m posting using my phone's data as I can’t even load the Optus site. 


I’m not sure what else to try, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
From looking at the WiFi networks around me it looks like I’m the only Optus user in the vicinity.


Re: Slow WiFi with Huawei B525 modem


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It sounds like it was working fine in the initial early days and weeks after you received your modem on the new plan but for some reason it is now slow? Kudos to you for checking out the network outages page!

Please check out our troubleshooting page for slow browsing. After following the steps if the issue isn't resolved you'll be prompted to contact our Technical Support team so they can investigate further.

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Re: Slow WiFi with Huawei B525 modem




Did you setup the APN for the network? You need follow the quick-setup in the Huawei B525 modem web interface to setup the APN for Optus and then I believe the speeds would change. 

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