Slow Optus Cable Internet


I’ve got Optus Cable at the moment, and it is proving 30 down and 2 up on all my devices, other than my Windows Laptop which is  extremely slow and has a speed between 0.01 to 3 Mbps down.

My computer is connected to the 2.4Ghz band and it isn’t compatible for the 5Ghz. It use to work completely fine. Is this something wrong with my computer or my internet speed?

Re: Slow Optus Cable Internet

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I would say yes if all other devices are getting 30/2. Sounds like something serious if its getting down to those speeds. Have you checked it for malware or viruses and have you tried the computer hard wired? Maybe check your wireless card to see if it has the latest drivers if hard wired works correctly.

Re: Slow Optus Cable Internet


mine has been very slow too. constant drop outs evertyday. I'm only getting 18 down and less than 2up and this is a 6am in the morning,

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